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Take Control Of Your Health, Learn To Cook Your Own Healthy Vegan Meals

We are surrounded by unhealthy food, often overloaded with sodium and sugar. Take control of your health. Learn to cook your own healthy vegan meals with Vinitha, a healthy cooking coach at NutriHub with a passion to help people lead a healthier life. Check out New Vegan Culinary classes by Vinitha, at NutriHub near Redhill MRT.


Sat 19th Nov from 2pm to 6pm

Wholefood Nutrition & Culinary class

$78  inclusive of cooking demo + sampling, recipes & ingredient cost.

  1. Wholefood Plant based diet – How to Jumpstart @ Home ? (Theory)
  2. Nitrate rich Veggie with Chickpea Quinoa Salad
  3. Vegetarian Sambal Tempeh
  4. Cashew Fig Millet Soup with Cruciferous Veggie


Sat 26th Nov from 2pm to 6pm

Chinese New Year Vegan Cuisine

$98  inclusive of cooking demo + sampling & take home some food, recipes & ingredient cost.

  1. Vegetarian Peng Cai
  2. Fruity Yu Sheng
  3. Fragrant Pumpkin Yam Rice
  4. Lily bulb Azuki Bean paste


Special Promotion for you & your friends for 19/11 & 26/11 classes @ NutriHub

If you register for 1 class, you will enjoy 10% discount.

If you sign up for 2 classes or get another friend to join you, both of you will enjoy 15% discount.

Limited vacancies left for 19/11 & 26/11 classes!

Please register now by whatsapp or sms to Vinitha at 92368402.


To view details / other classes from Nutrihub, visit

You can’t control what others cook, but you can control what you cook and eat!

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