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Stevia – A Healthier Alternative to Sugar

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Derived from the Stevia plant, it has been used in traditional medicine to treat burns, colic and stomach pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Stevia is deemed a healthier alternative as despite not having any calories, it is sweeter than regular sugar and is 100% natural.

Stevia Healthier Alternative to Sugar

Studies have shown that after consumption, stevia can lower insulin levels more than sucrose and aspartame. Hence, it is recommended to patients with Type II diabetes who have to maintain their blood sugar level.

Expert’s advice

Consult your doctor before taking Stevia in large amounts as one’s blood pressure and blood sugar might become too low which can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. Since Stevia is also used as a contraceptive in traditional medicine, its structure might interfere with fertility.

Recommended Usage

Usually best enjoyed in coffee or tea. Some people would also add stevia to cereal for a bit of sweetness. It can also be used in baking, however, the right measurements and conversions should be made:

Amount of Sugar

Amount of powdered Stevia

1 cup

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon

¼ teaspoon

1 teaspoon

A pinch to 1/16 teaspoon

From The Stevia Cookbook, copyright 1999 Ray Sahelian and Donna Gates.

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