Dr Gram Organic Green Raisins 200g


Dr Gram organic green raisins are different from the usual dark raisins. They have a mild, sweet flavour and a soft consistency. These raisins are a source of energy, iron, and B6 Vitamins. They are also high in dietary fibre and serve as a healthy, tasty snack between meals. Ideal for adding to breakfast cereals, baking, and cooking.

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Dr Gram organic green raisins are great as a healthy, tasty snack! One serving size of Dr Gram organic green raisins (40g) contains zero fat, no added sugar or preservatives, and is low in sodium. High in dietary fibre. Take as an energy giving snack, add to cereals, or use for baking and cooking.

High in Dietary Fibre

No added sugar

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 40g

Amount per serving: 5/pkt

Calories 120kcal


Amount            Daily Value

Total Fat                   0.0g                            0%

Dietary Fibre           1.0g                             4%

Cholesterol               0.0                              0%

Carbohydrate          32.0g                           12%

Sugars                       24.0g

Protein                      1.0g                             2%


Ingredients: 100% Organic Green Raisins

Recommended Usage: 

Dr Gram organic green raisins are great as a healthy, tasty snack. Use in breakfast cereals or for baking and cooking.

USDA Organic

100% Organic Green Raisins.

Storage Guidelines
Store in cool, dry place. Refrigerate for long usage to retain freshness.

Additional information

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