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Known Benefits

Soybeans are rich in lecithin, a form of fats that is an essential component of the body. Soy Lecithin Granules is taken as a medicine and used in the manufacturing of medicines, used to treat memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, gallbladder disease, liver disease, certain types of depression, high cholesterol, anxiety, and a skin disease called eczema.

It can be applied to the skin as moisturizer and served as a food additive to keep certain ingredients fresh.

One of the more common reasons people turn to adding more soy lecithin to their diet is for reducing their cholesterol levels.

Research on the effectiveness of this is limited. Studies done on both humans and animals found that those treated with soy lecithin experienced reductions in Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) known as the (bad) cholesterol, without reducing High Density Lipoprotein  (HDL) know as the (good) cholesterol.

Although soy lecithin is derived from soy, most of the allergens are removed in the manufacturing process.

Soy lecithin is a generally safe food additive. The risk of reaction is so small because it is present in such small amounts in food; it’s unlikely to be harmful.


Recommended Usage

Add to baked goods, sauces, gravies, fudge, icings, soups, pancake batter, juices or beverages. Allow it to dissolve in the beverage.

Keep best refrigerated or frozen.


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