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A tiny plant-like microorganism and exists all around us – in soil, plants and also in the air we breathe. Active Bread Yeast is used in the process of fermentation and is necessary for making bread, producing gas that makes bread rise. To do this, the yeast has to feed on the sugars in flour and expel carbon dioxide in the process. With no place to go but up, this gas slowly fills like a balloon in the dough causing bread to rise. Once the bread has baked, it will give the loaf an airy texture.

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Our Natural Dried Active Bread Yeast does not contain a high level of gluten. It is often mixed with all-purpose flour or bread flour to make yeast breads. It can be a better substitute than white flour in similar proportions, sift the flour a couple of times to incorporate more air into the dough.

Recommended Usage

Dissolve active bread yeast in ¼ cup warm (100-110˚F) water before using. Best to use a thermometer to check temperature. Stir in 1 teaspoon sugar and waiting 10 minutes for “proofing” (no long necessary for today’s modern production and packaging to check if yeast is active). The mixture should foam and double in volume. Add to other ingredients according to recipe instructions. For knead and shape, let it rise until double and then send to bake. Do not use in recipes that uses Rapid Rise yeast (the yeast won’t dissolve properly, and water is too hot). May be a substitute for fresh cake yeast.

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