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Nutritious Sesame Seeds You Must Try

Sesame Seeds are packed with zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and B2, monosaturated fats and dietary fibre. They contain lignans – sesamin and sesamolin – which ease the body from hypertension, rhematod arthritis and high cholesterol. In addition, it also aids digestion and blood circulation.

Nutritious Organic Sesame Seeds for Healthy Living

Sesame seed is a widely used condiment usually found on top of burger buns. Coming from the Sesamum Indicum plant mostly found in Africa and Asia, its oil serves a useful purpose in both cooking and medical treatments.

Expert’s advice

Research suggests that patients who are allergic to nuts may also experience adverse reactions when consuming sesame seeds. Hence, one must consume with caution.

Recommended Usage

Black/White Sesame Seeds: Despite the stronger aroma and flavour of black sesame seeds, both black and white sesame seeds can be used inside sushi rolls, in salads and even for desserts.

Brown Sesame Seeds: When added to buns, bread and other baked goods, Brown Sesame Seeds give a crispy texture. Due to its milder flavour compared to black sesame, it is usually added in curry sauce, chutneys and even rice!

Some recipes to try:

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