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Low GI Food For Better Health

Glycemic Index (GI) measures the effect of carbohydrates in food to our blood sugar. GI is scored based on a 0-100 scale, foods having a score above 70 is considered high in GI and should be consumed moderately. On the other hand, low GI foods have a score of 55 and below, while medium GI foods have a score of 56-69. Low GI foods are often referred to as “good carbs.”

Low-GI Food

Professor A. Vathsala from the National University Hospital stated that kidney failure cases in Singapore will continue to rise as long as diabetes is prevalent. Hence, eating foods with Low GI should be encouraged more as they lower the risk of such diseases. It has been also proven that a reduction in blood sugar helps one drop extra pounds. Good carbs such as oats and buckwheat are proven to be effective in curbing cravings. Try eating oatmeal for breakfast and avoid mid-day snacking!

Mayo Clinic states that you might want to follow the GI Diet because you:Low-GI_Dr_Gram_Products_1__1

  • Want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
  • Need help planning and eating healthier meals
  • Need help maintaining blood sugar levels as part of a diabetes treatment plan

Since it is important to be more cautious of our blood sugar levels, the Glycemic Index Diet has been introduced. The diet states that you should add more low-GI carbs to your meals, reduce intake of medium-GI carbs and mostly just nibble on high-GI carbs. Nevertheless, there is no strict guide to follow as the diet varies on the individual’s lifestyle and health condition. Here is an example of a Seven Day GI Plan.

Expert’s advice/limitations of GI:

Just because a certain type of food has low GI, does not mean that it should be consistently consumed. For instance, Low GI beverages such as whole milk can still cause someone to gain weight due to its high fat content.

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