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Did You Know? Consuming Brown Rice Instead Of White Rice Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

With our continuous effort to promote healthy living, we are also focusing on further encouraging a nutritious diet, one that consists of low GI products that could help reduce the risk of diabetes. A recent study done in China shows that diabetes reduces life span by nine years. Hence, the fight on diabetes remains an ongoing battle for people who are not in control of their diet.

White rice is undeniably a staple in Asian countries like Singapore. However, recent studies have shown that white rice is more likely to cause diabetes than sugary drinks. This astounding found has been linked as to why Asians are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than westerners – “One, it showed each plate of white rice eaten in a day – on a regular basis – raises the risk of diabetes by 11 per cent in the overall population.”

Hence, there is a dire need to cut the consumption of white rice by encouraging the addition of brown rice to our diet.

How is Brown Rice different from white rice?

According to Organic Authority, brown rice is considered healthier than white rice as only its “first outer layer (husk or hull) is removed from milling”. As a result, brown rice still retains important nutrients that can be found in fiber and germ. White rice, however, has been milled to the point where much of its germ is removed.

Brown Rice and diabetes

Since brown rice is a whole grain, it has been found that is has lower GI compared to white rice. This would aid in maintaining moderate blood glucose levels that is important to control diabetes.

Brown rice also contains that more fiber and magnesium that are essential nutrients needed to fight diabetes, said Dr Qi Sun of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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