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Celtic Sea Salt: Uses and Benefits

Most households usually disregard the specifics of salt that they use in the kitchen. Regular table salt might be the norm for those who don’t pay much attention to what they consume. But did you know that certain types of salt are more beneficial to our health in the long run?

Using Celtic Sea Salt has been proven to positively contribute to one’s health – whether it’s to beat insomnia, increase immunity, or just for boosting energy.

With this, we uncover how replacing regular table salt with Celtic Sea Salt can improve your health!

How is Celtic Sea Salt different from Table Salt?

Refined salt, like what most table salts are, has been processed to the point of extracting essential trace minerals beneficial for health. Chemicals are also added to these salts in the process.

Celtic Sea Salt is described as “‘moist” unrefined sea salt.” Originating from France, Celtic Sea Salt is obtained from the clay in salt flats and is extracted manually by hand. Aside from its abundant health benefits, it is also highly regarded in the culinary world because of its distinct and unique taste – bringing out a variety of flavors in dishes.

Uses and Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

#1: Prevents Insomnia

The presence of essential minerals in Celtic Sea Salt is proven to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, hence resulting in a good night’s sleep.

#2: Regulates Blood Sugar

The essential minerals in Celtic Sea Salt is specifically helpful for diabetics as it contributes to an overall mineral balance that improves insulin sensitivity.

#3: Improves Immune System

Natural salts like Celtic Sea Salt provides necessary minerals that protect the body from infections and diseases.

#4: Boosts Energy

If you regularly use Celtic Sea Salt, you might notice a stark difference in energy levels. This is because it the sodium in natural salts prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

#5: Reduces Risk of Water Retention

By providing electrolyte balance, the minerals in Celtic Sea Salt are able to release water retained in the body and hence prevent swelling.


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