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Should You Add Flaxseed Oil to Your Diet?

Flaxseed oil is made from the seeds of the flax plant. It contains high source of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are important in the production of prostaglandins which help maintain fat metabolism, inflammatory response, hormones, as well as the cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems. Flaxseed oil is known to reduce and kill human cancer cells, hence making it a widely renowned natural treatment for cancer. Dr Johanna Budwig, a German Biochemist, has been popularly known for her discovery about how the fatty acid and sulphur-protein combination cures cancer.  Dr Budwig found out that patients’ blood lack albumin which is a combination of essential fatty acids and sulphur-based proteins. Through this discovery, the Budwig diet was introduced. Nowadays, Flaxseed Oil is widely used both as a supplement and are usually added to meals to make them more nutritious.


Health Benefits

Due to the high amount of Omega 3 in Flaxseed Oil, consistent intake would make a person less susceptible to heart attack and high blood pressure. Aside from that, it also increases good cholesterol and is proven to fight away the blues and reduce symptoms of depression. It is also proven to destroy cancer cells due to its anti-tumor properties. If you ever want to control your cravings, just take a spoonful of Flaxseed Oil every morning! Lastly, aside from Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil can also moisturize and soften the skin. What’s not to like?

Expert’s advice

Avoid heating Flaxseed Oil as the vital Omega 3 is very quickly destroyed, producing an oxidizing, rancid product which can be dangerous to your health.

Recommended usage

  • Flaxseed oilTo use as a supplement, take  1-2 tablespoon daily.
  • Use it as a dip for bread, salad dressing, add to soup and cereal or simply stir into your favourite pasta or spaghetti sauce.
  • According to the Budwig diet, a combination of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in the diet can treat and prevent cancer. Combine 8 tablespoons yogurt or cottage cheese to 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil. Add raw honey to taste. Mix well. Eat as it is or store in the fridge and use in other dishes.
Flaxseed oil is also been supported by renowned nutritionists such as Dr Edward Group III.

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(Source: Dr Tan, L. (1999, January 1). Oil-Protein Combination Could Save Your Life. Healthy Living.)


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