Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Low GI Food For Better Health

    Glycemic Index (GI) measures the effect of carbohydrates in food to our blood sugar. GI is scored based on a 0-100 scale, foods having a score above 70 is considered...

    July 19, 2016
  • Stevia – A Healthier Alternative to Sugar

    Looking for a more nutritious sugar substitute? Try iLite Stevia! Derived from the Stevia plant, it has been used in traditional medicine to treat burns, colic and stomach pains...

    July 19, 2016
  • Nutritious Sesame Seeds You Must Try

    Sesame Seeds are packed with zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and B2, monosaturated fats and dietary fibre. They contain lignans – sesamin and sesamolin – which ease...

    July 19, 2016